The weekend began with a ferry ride to Bainbridge Island, and a few hour drive to the Olympic Peninsula, which led to discovering a beautiful location at Lake Crescent Lodge near Port Angeles. We arrived with our crew the night before the wedding, and the bride and groom generously provided us with a cabin for the weekend. The guests were all lovable characters and we immediately made new friends and felt like family. The theme for the wedding was “summer camp”, with friends and family of the bride and groom staying in the cabins for the weekend. As a nostalgic, intimate way to make a wedding day memorable for the entire family, the wedding consisted of buffet camp style meals, canoe rides, swimming in the lake, hiking, a beautiful lake side ceremony, laughter at the reception, ski masks, a talent show and to top it off drinks around a camp fire and good company. It was so much fun to spread the festivities over an entire weekend, and relax and celebrate the beautiful bride and groom. Thank you for a unique experience, Zac and Kori, I hope you enjoy the photographs as much as we enjoyed capturing it!


Photographers: Thien Lai & Jesse White

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  1. Marylou wrote:

    Nice pictures and the view is amazing. You look so beautiful.